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Book Review: How To Pass Your Hair Follicle Drug Test

This brilliant book is a quick, easy and informative read specifically aimed at former drug users who want to get back into the world of work or those that like to use drugs recreationally outside of the workplace but have been presented with the hurdle of a follicle drugs test.

The book goes on to talk about why hair follicle drug tests are so common in today’s society, despite certain drug use being legalized in some states. It discusses the reasons for hair follicle drug tests being used ahead of previous types of testing and what to look out for in the run up to tests being announced so readers can be fully prepared.

It presents a supportive approach, discussing the formerly known Macujo Method and its practicalities – with the results only masking toxins from recently used Marijuana. Then describes the benefits of the author’s own method which has been formulated and branded as the Mike Macujo Method, which has been tried and perfected over the last 3 years to ultimately provide 90% success across higher levels of Marijuana, Cocaine, Meth, Opiates and Alcohol use. It boasts a one size fits all solution in a single package.

The Mike Macujo method is an advanced process that has taken the original well known Macujo method to a new and more successful level by implementing some advanced techniques.

Throughout the book, there are lots of insightful facts and figures regarding the use of drugs and how long the toxins will remain attached to your follicles, even discussing different lengths and types of hair all over your body and how to clean these too to avoid a positive result.

At the end of the short guide, there’s a step-by-step manual that recommends products with a ‘how to’ section which goes into detail about how to successfully perform Mike’s Macujo Method to get the best results and when to start the method to guarantee a pass on test day.

Designed to relieve your worry and stress, the back of the book holds a fantastic FAQ section to answer any burning queries that readers might still have concerns about and if that wasn’t enough, there are even contact details for the author himself to help readers gain independent and professional support and advice, right up until their test date.


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