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On this blog, I overview and outline a broad range of books. You can see the range below because I have now published my most recent reviews for you to check out, and you will find the most recent outlines at the beginning of this page.

I think, it is good to be pre warned if a book is good or not before you dive in and spend your precious money in reading a book. So it makes good sense to be here and check before you buy.

If you are inquisitive or just on the browse for a good recommendation and you want a good quality overview then I hope to help here.

I have or will be writing a broad spectrum of books that I have reviewed from: –

Non Fiction

Catherine Allinson and Kay Featherstone: -;
Pinch of Nom

Through to: –


Paula Hawkins: –
The Girl on the Train

There is Something here for everyone. Anyway, read my outlines below.



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Hi, Mark Powers here.

I am the reviewer, owner and creator of this book review blog.

I have a degree in library science and work in a large city library.

My passion is reading, and it is a pleasure for me to launch this book review blog.

Hope you enjoy my reviews.

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