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Review: Little Red Book of Sales Answers by Jeffrey Gitomer

Questions, questions who has questions? Salespeople, that’s who. In Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Sales Answers. These are Real-World Answers That Make Sense that can also Make Sales and Make Money. In this book, Gitomer has answers.

This sales training book is written with the goal of answering common questions that salespeople ask sales trainers. The book is broken down into “6.5 ” parts.

Part One covers personal improvement.

Part Two covers prospecting and making appointments.

Part Three covers how to win the sales battle and the sailors wore it.

Part Four Gitomer covers “sales skill building, one brick at a time.”

Part Five Gitomer covers building friendships and relationships in order to earn referrals, testimonials, and repeat business.

Part Six This is all about building your personal brand.

Part “6.5,”
Gitomer takes a swing right at the gut with some hard-hitting questions of his own directed at challenging you both personally and professionally.

The book was written to a broad level of sales professionals, and has application in any vertical or product and experience level. General, yet quite specific, Gitomer has another winner in the best-selling, Little Red Book of Sales Answers. Again employing his hard-hitting, and direct approach to training he uses the train by answering questions method. Some questions included are, “What is the best way to set an appointment? And what are the biggest mistakes salespeople make?.

Gitomer employs the same type of illustrations that are found in his other books, as well as a few “Free Red Bits” scattered throughout the pages. In summary, Gitomer says it best on the inside cover of the book: “Salespeople are looking for answers. They want them now. They want them fast. They want them free. Buy this book you’ll get two of three.”


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