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Review: Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer

“The sale is defined by the customer: People don’t like to be sold, they love to buy. Your job as a master salesman is to create an atmosphere where people want to buy.” These are the opening statements and the overall theme of Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling.

The Little Red Book of Selling, was for me an eye-opening experience. The book is not about a system of selling, but about a philosophical approach to sales where instead of selling to someone you create an environment where, according to Gitomer, people buy from you. The “12.5” principles of sales greatness includes Gitomer’s approach to self motivation, mental preparation, lead generation, effectively engaging at the prospect, being creative, using humor, and building value. Additionally, the book covers removing selling obstacles, and reading the selling environment to find out if you are actually going to win the deal, and more.

The book is very readable, as Gitomer understands that block text paragraphs, page after page, are not very easy to follow or pay attention to. Included throughout are humorous illustrations, what Gitomer calls “Git Bites,” and “Red Whines” and its corresponding “Red Selling Response.” Each of these sidebars serve to add to the main point of each chapter.

You should know before reading this book that Gitomer has a very realistic approach to training. Some of his teaching may come across as getting in your face, and he does occasionally use strong or politically incorrect language. However, it does not detract from the book whatsoever. The audience of Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling is anyone who sells, and I think that it is quite applicable across any type of selling, or level of experience.


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