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Review: Purple Cow By Seth Godin

If you are in Sales or Marketing, and have not yet heard of Seth Godin you are missing out. His best best-selling book, Purple Cow, is a refreshing approach to marketing that provides an entirely different way of thinking about differentiating your product and creating brand appeal. True, the book is not about sales exactly, but the principles discussed in its are just as applicable to the professional salesperson as they are to the professional product-marketer.

The book discusses the history of marketing through the last century, then makes his case for being remarkable and different enough to stand out. Godin uses several case studies, graphs, and examples of successful businesses and products to build his case for why being remarkable as a marketing strategy is is far more profitable than investing in traditional advertising approaches.

Weighing in at under 140 page the books is an entertaining easy and informative read. Godin stays on point and does not get bogged down with too much statistical analysis. In 2009 Godin released a new edition with 2 more chapters than the original book.


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