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Review: SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham
Few books have done more for the process of questioning and qualification than Neil Rackham's SPIN Selling. Originally published in 1988, and weighing in at just under 200 pages, SPIN Selling teaches a systematic approach to questioning, specifically designed for large sales. What makes SPIN Selling more compelling is that the system is based on years of scientific research in actual selling situations. When I first read SPIN Selling I was unfamiliar with the concept of drawing a distinction between a small dollar sales and large dollar sales, or what Rackham describes as a "major sale." The questioning techniques in ...
Review: Little Red Book of Sales Answers by Jeffrey Gitomer
Questions, questions who has questions? Salespeople, that's who. In Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Sales Answers. These are Real-World Answers That Make Sense that can also Make Sales and Make Money. In this book, Gitomer has answers. This sales training book is written with the goal of answering common questions that salespeople ask sales trainers. The book is broken down into "6.5 " parts. Part One covers personal improvement. Part Two covers prospecting and making appointments. Part Three covers how to win the sales battle and the sailors wore it. Part Four Gitomer covers "sales skill building, one brick ...
Review: Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer
"The sale is defined by the customer: People don't like to be sold, they love to buy. Your job as a master salesman is to create an atmosphere where people want to buy." These are the opening statements and the overall theme of Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Red Book of Selling. The Little Red Book of Selling, was for me an eye-opening experience. The book is not about a system of selling, but about a philosophical approach to sales where instead of selling to someone you create an environment where, according to Gitomer, people buy from you. The "12.5" principles of ...
Review: Purple Cow By Seth Godin
If you are in Sales or Marketing, and have not yet heard of Seth Godin you are missing out. His best best-selling book, Purple Cow, is a refreshing approach to marketing that provides an entirely different way of thinking about differentiating your product and creating brand appeal. True, the book is not about sales exactly, but the principles discussed in its are just as applicable to the professional salesperson as they are to the professional product-marketer. The book discusses the history of marketing through the last century, then makes his case for being remarkable and different enough to stand out ...
Review: Baseline Selling by Dave Kurlan
At just over 200 pages, Baseline Selling’s main premise is that most “modern sales experts, authors, trainers, and consultants”, have “unnecessarily complicated the entire sales process”. The book covers the end to end sales strategy developed by Kurlan and uses the game of baseball as a training analogy. Kurlan starts the books building his case with a brief analysis of statistics on sales performance, a discussion on the history of sales training, and then introduces his primary sales methodology he calls Baseline Selling, based on the AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) formula. The book has five sections: Warming Up, Getting ...
Review: Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work) by Stephan Schiffman
"High-volume customer responses guaranteed!" At least that is the promise of Stephan Schiffman's book Cold Calling Techniques (that Really Work). Originally published in 1987, Schiffman's book is all about cold calling for new business. Most salespeople that have to generate their own leads absolutely dread cold calling, for a number of reasons. If you are anything like me you were given a good product and told to go sell it without so much of an idea of where to start, other than with an admonishment to "get on the phones start cold calling." Much of Schiffman's techniques would work well ...
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