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I started this blog as a need to talk about the love of my life – books!

My name is Mark Powers, avid reader and literary enthusiast. I have a degree in Library Science. After a period of three years (2017 to the beginning of 2021) of writing intermittently in a personal blog, I realized that it was time to start blogging about what I love best – books! That’s why I started this blog.

My experience in Librarianship has been varied both in type of organisms, as users and themes; from school libraries, through libraries of government agencies, to specialized and public libraries, also through libraries of international organizations. I have been a consultant on screen reading, Children’s and Youth Literature and information management.

I started my work in a school library in 1999 where I basically worked as a reading promoter. Later, in 2004, I worked in a large city library, where I continue to work this day. I have gained great insight into the world of books here and my job is what has prompted me to start this book review blog.

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